Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Be Bold

Purple Irish Dress It's time to leave behind the drab colors of winter and break out with the bold colors that gleam in the sunlight! Bring out the bold colors, shiny jewelry, and flashy fashion. Wear bold jewelry like this brass tone Afghan Belt (IND3011) with red glass stones and pressed coins. These belts are on clearance now for only $39.96! Boldly wear a royal purple Irish Dress (CHI1055) over a white Italian Chemise (CHI1040). That's like putting corned beef on a pizza, but, hey, why not? The Italian Chemise is now available in black as well.

Color Changing T-shirts

Baby Dragon Pirate Griffin & Dragon Fairy Pirate-in-training

These bold new T-shirts from Ultra-Cool Ultra Violet change color when exposed to sunlight or other ultraviolet light sources! Then, like magic, they change back again when you move away from the light. They can be washed and dried over and over without damaging the effect (but you can't use bleach). Click on the pictures above to see them change colors. These shirts come in Adult sizes M-3X or baby sizes 18 month and 2 toddler. The Pirate (UCV10003) is on a black shirt, the Dragon and Griffin Battle (UCV10004) is on a natural shirt, and the Fairy (UCV10005) is printed on white to show off all the luscious color. The Baby Dragon and the Pirate-in-Training Baby shirt (UCV10001) are printed on white and come in baby sizes only.

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