Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Blog for sharing photos

Every week we set up displays in our store to feature new combinations of clothing and accessories. We have started taking pictures so we can share them with you to give you ideas. You can click on any of these pictures to see larger views or click on the item code to go directly to the item in the online catalog.

Here we see a tan Barmaid's Bodice (CHI1026) over a burgundy Peasant Skirt (CHI1033) with a white Full Drawstring Chemise (CHI1036).

The cross on the ribbon around the waist is a new item of jewelry. It is an Ornate Cross with Enamel and Stones (BXG10001) .
The next item is a black Country Dress (CHI1046) worn with a moss green Country Chemise (CHI1045) .

Here is a lovely combination—a woad blue Irish Dress (CHI1060) over a saffron yellow Irish Chemise (CHI1035).

Both of these traditional garments are shown here in the most common colors found in Irish clothing. The Irish loved saffron yellow, and you can see why. Imagine this on a red-haired lass. The necklace is a Saint's Cross (AZG20032). It is based on the carved Celtic crosses found in Ireland that are carved with images picturing the lives of the saints.

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