Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Going Green for Spring

As the rays of the sun warm the land, all that was dull and brown turns to green. Celebrate Spring with shades of green ranging from light moss to deep forest green combined with floral shades.
Pick up on the subtle greens in this Tapestry Barmaid's Bodice (CHI1062) by combining it with an olive green Peasant Skirt (CHI1033) and a naughty little black Sweetheart Chemise (CHI1011).

Have fun with underclothing. Wear a Renaissance Corset on the outside.(CHI1042) with a pair of moss green Bloomers (CHI1061), a matching Moss Green Erica Blouse (CHI1024), and a black Peasant Skirt (CHI1033).

His Lordship looks grand in a forest green English Doublet (CHI3002) with a burgundy Renaissance Shirt (CHI3016) and a pair of Long Breeches in burgundy (CHI3013).
He is wearing an Ardagh Brooch made of the finest Sheffield Pewter from St. Justin's (STJ1011).

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