Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wow! Check out Laurel in our new Special Edn Ghawazee Coat Var-J. Doesn't she look fabulous? We only have a limited amount of this lovely brocade fabric, so this particular ghawazee will only be available until we run out of the fabric. If you like this flattering middle eastern garment, you may not want to wait to get one for yourself.

Here are some ideas on completing your Middle Eastern outfit. It looks really great when you wear it with the Erica Blouse Long, the Peasant Drawstring Pants, the Rayon Skirt W Ribbons, and the Women's Mary Jane Velvet Shoe.

Then, of course, you'll need some accessories like the Scarf Triangle W/Coins & Beads, the Long Georgette Scarf, a Silver-Tone Necklace W/Bells, a Hand Flower Bracelet Silver-Tone, a Silver-Tone Anklet W/Bells, a Silver-Tone Headpiece W/Stones, and some Earrings W Coins.

You'll be the belle of the firpit as you start your dance to the beat of the drums in your new, inspiring costume.

I like to wear my ghawazee even with my mundane clothing. It makes for a unique suit jacket and opens up the options for accessories when dressing professionally. I can be bold and use larger jewelry, like a large beaded necklace with dangling earrings. Or I can be more reserved, but stylish with gemstone posts and a silver chain.

Experiment with yours and send us some pictures. You might just make it onto our blog!

Gotta run and see what else is new to talk about tomorrow.

Until next time..... well met.

Kim the Office Goddess

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