Thursday, December 20, 2007

Some of my Favorite Things!

This is my first time posting on our blog and I thought I'd take the time to share with you a few of my favorite products here at Chivalry Sports.

On the right is a picture of our Box Wood Celtic Design. I love it's simplicity, the top has a wonderful celtic design carved right into the wood, and best of all it's only $4.95! It's the perfect size for storing many of your small trinkets.

This lovely Silver-Tone Anklet W/Small Bells is a steal at only $3.95!
As you can see I've got a real eye for a bargain. I appreciate nice, inexpensive things. Everytime I wear my anklet I get positive comments from co-workers and customers about the tinkling, jingling noise I make when I walk. It's a lot of fun, especially during the summer when you can pair your anklet with sandals.

As for clothing, nothing beats our Irish Dress . I'm a new member of the SCA and at my first camping event (Southern Crusades), I found that I just wanted to live in my Irish Dress. It was easily the most comfortable and flattering item I had in my wardrobe and it wasn't impossible to lace myself up in it while in a tent.

I'm ordering an Irish Dress for myself in one of our new brocades, it really dresses up an otherwise simple garment. I plan on pairing it with an Italian Chemise. You can see the different brocades that we have available here. Most of our garments can be made in any of the brocades, but they are in limited quantities. However, once we run out of the current brocade styles we will offer new ones for our customers to choose from.

I've run out of time today, but I'll be back to share more of my favorite items later.

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