Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What is the SCA?

Some of you might be wondering about the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). You've probably heard about it in passing or have seen references to it on television or even on our website. So, I thought I'd take a quick look on youtube and see if there might not be a video or three that could explain it better than I could. Wouldn't you know it?.....There are only a couple thousand of them.

I am putting up links to a few that I think might give you a good idea of what you might expect if you took an interest in the SCA and went to an event or two.

These first two links are general information about the SCA. One from the United States and one from South America, I believe. Enjoy:

The next two highlight a couple of larger events that are held each year in the SCA.

Here is an overview of Pennsic War held in Pennsylvania every August.

And next is an overview of Great Western War which is held in California in October every year.

I'll take a look around and see if I can find some more interesting videos about the SCA or maybe other Medieval Recreation groups.

If you have a fabulous link that you'd like for me to feature here, please feel free to contact me and I'll take a look.

Enjoy everyone.

Kim the Office Goddess

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