Monday, March 10, 2008

Arizona Renaissance Festival 03/08/08

Good day gentle readers!

I spent this past Saturday at the Arizona Renaissance Festival and had a perfectly fabulous time. The picture to the left is of my tall, handsome boyfriend Todd and myself of course. I am wearing the Irish Dress, which I had specially made in the lovely blue brocade, with the Italian Chemise in black. Todd is wearing our Pirate Shirt in natural (3X too, can you believe it, it's hard to tell in the picture but he is 6'7" and has very broad shoulders, it can be difficult to find sleeves long enough for him). He is also wearing the Long Breeches Twill, and our Men's Suede Side-Lace Boot, which he dyed black to match his outfits. We are both wearing the super-long belt, his is the wider men's version and mine is the smaller women's version. (See Men's Super-Long Belt, & Women's Super-Long Belt)

Going to the Faire is such fun, and going dressed up is even better!
We enjoyed many shows, the jousting, the ded bob show, and here is a picture of some bagpipers and drummers. They were really very good but I can't for the life of me remember the name of their group.

We were seated in the section that was cheering for the EVIL Black Knight. He was delightfully unsportsmanlike. He even attacked unarmed men.

This lovely young lady named Jen came by our store here in Tucson last week and she works at the Renfaire. She works in a photography studio, and gave me a nice discount because I promised to display the finished product in our local store. I will probably post about her again when she stops by to provide us with the studio information.

If there is a local faire in your area I highly recommend you go, and go dressed up! There is much fun to be had.

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